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About us

Dejo Shianghai Furniture and Construction Co., Ltd. was established in 1956, starting from the furniture manufacturing business until now, we are a full-service interior decoration specialist. with the potential that is ready in every aspect and is committed to working with heart Our organization has gained the trust of many customers. We have knowledge and expertise in furniture. which is known for producing high quality work along with all employees in our organization All adhere to the working principle of honesty and fairness. and take the best responsibility for customers to satisfy and confident to customers in various businesses such as hotels and in various industries, banks, condominiums, superstores, department stores

“With the potential that we have ready in every aspect of interior work Whether it is the production of furniture according to the design, including ceiling work, floor work and wall work, until the ability to decorate the interior of the whole project We have highly qualified personnel ready to give advice on all types of interior work. There is also a standardized factory to produce interior pieces by yourself. which we are ready to be a part of all your success”

Message from Managing Director

I would like to take the liberty of introducing to you our well-developed company (established as sole-partnership since 1956) and present ourselves to be one of the professional contractors in your consideration since we strongly believe that our capacity can satisfy both present and future customers.

I keep telling all my employees to be honest and responsible to the customer “DEJO will never leave customer alone”. With this philosophy, strong management team, quality staffs member and long term of good reputation in honest and good quality of work, Dejo is trusted and recommended by the customers, leading designer, architect and quantity surveyors.

I fully hope that you will let Dejo be one of your successful team in present and future project.

Mr. Chun Chunhawachira
Managing Director

Company Information

Dejo Shianghai Furniture and Construction The area is 800 square wa (2 rai) or about 3,200 square meters.

There are about 50 employees.

2 Buildings

  • A buildings left hand
  • B buildings right hand

2 Zone


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